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My daddy's goal at First Cut Communications, is to insure that his clients have the tools necessary to communicate to all of their associates. He specializes in all types of corporate communications including: employee orientations, sales meetings, training, employee benefits, plant or facility tours, positive employee relations, informational meetings, and labor relations videos. He also has the resources available to help you with your other communication needs as well. His programs are well received by the intended audience because he knows how to lower the curtain of disbelief and get the viewers to listen to the message -- no matter what it is. He makes working with First Cut Communications an enjoyable experience by offering turnkey solutions to his clients. He spends time getting to know you (I miss him while he is away but I know it's for a good cause... me), the situation, and exactly what message needs to be communicated. Then, he produces a treatment or script for your review. Once the script is approved, he takes it from there and produces an award-winning program. Throughout the process, you are welcome to participate as much or as little as you like. When the final program is approved, you simply tell him what format you want it in (DVD, Blue Ray, web, or handheld devices) and how many copies you want. That's it! Give my dad a call at 706-882-5581 and let First Cut Communications provide you not only with the professional and friendly service you deserve, but also with a quality, targeted production you'll be proud to put your name on.

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Business Services > Consultants and Services

Products And Services

He produces orientation videos, labor relation videos, training videos, safety videos, plant tour videos, web based videos, sales videos, employee benefits videos, positive employee relations videos


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